Amateurish In-Branch Customer Service

Part 1

Written by: The Team Lead

Published on: June 29, 2017 | 5:51PM

Aside from being a Social Entrepreneur I also burn the midnight oil as a Phone Bank Team Lead of an American international banking and financial services holding company. Before I became a Team Lead, I started as a Telephone Banker then a Product Specialist for another US-based bank back in 2006. Needless to say, I am pretty much knowledgeable when it comes to the banking process and system.

Today, June 29, 2017, at around 9:00AM I went to Bank Of Commerce (BoC) San Pedro branch to make a cash withdrawal using my Eastwest Bank card at their Automated Teller Machine. To make the story short, their ATM did not dispense any cash at all and my account got debited for the amount that I was supposed to withdraw.

I immediately reported the incident to the 3 security guards at the front door of the bank and I learned from them that I'm the third person to report the same issue in less than 30 minutes. One of the guards accompanied me to go inside the bank and politely asked me to sit down and wait for the two ladies to finish filing the same ATM complaint that I have.

Don't be sarcastic.

I watched and observed the two ladies and the bank representative as I wait. I listened to their conversation and heard the male Bank Of Commerce employee, named Enry A. Mallari, saying, in a sarcastic rather than empathizing manner, that it would take 5 to 7 banking days for the credit back. Upon hearing this time frame, I knew then that I will be walking away with a huge burden on my shoulder.

Don't be too unprofessional.

It was already my turn to log my complaint, the security guard walked me to another male bank employee. As a courtesy, I greeted this Chinese looking male bank representative with a "good morning" but he did not bother to greet me back. After I sat down on a chair infront of his table, it took him more or less 30 seconds before he asked me for my concern. A courteous and personalized face-to-face customer interaction was not present at all. This dude did not bother to look at me nor pause with what he was doing when I was telling him my issue. He did nothing at all but simply replied: "Doon ka sa kanya mag file ng complaint" (pointing to Enry).Whoa, isn't that so unprofessional?

Don't be a stodgy banker.

With that useless short conversation I had with that useless banker, I had to repeat myself again to Enry. As expected, he had me fill-out the ATM Complaint Form. After I completed and gave the ATM complaint Form to Enry, though I already know that I have to wait 5 to 7 banking days for the fix, I still asked him for the resolution turn-around time.

Being already upset with the the way how I was treated by the first banker, I became furious when I asked Enry these 3 questions below:

"I'm supposed to deposit that amount into my checking account with my other bank to cover my mortgage check due today, will you cover my bounce check fee and penalty fee for my house payment?"
"I checked my balance immediately after your machine did not dispense any cash, will you refund me that the Php1.00 balance inquiry charge?"
"What do you think will happen to me if I bounce a check? Will you help me?"

And, guess what? For all of these questions he only gave me one answer: "Sir ganun po talaga 5 to 7 banking days po ang processing." Needless to say, Enry remained to be a true head to foot stodgy banker.

Do your job!

On this customer's copy of the complaint form that I have, It is so evident that I did not receive a good customer service at all from Bank Of Commerce San Pedro branch. It was a good thing that I have keen eyes and meticulous enough for details.

Bank Of Commerce San Pedro Incident

Item 1. Bank Of Commerce San Pedro branch through its representative named Enry A. Mallari did not provide a reference number nor a phone number to call for follow up for the claim I filed.

"Who or what number should I call and what reference number or proof will I provide if incase I want to make a follow-up of my ATM claim?"

Item 2. It is without a doubt that Bank Of Commerce San Pedro branch through its representative named Enry A. Mallari discernibly did not verify all the information I provided. The incident happened on June 29 but due to an emotional burst, I had the it dated for June 28, 2017.

"Due to conspicuous negligence of the bank employee or the bank's process and procedure, my claim is at risk and may cause adverse result on my part."

Item 3. Bank Of Commerce San Pedro branch through its representative named Enry A. Mallari may not or may have intentionally and maliciously furnished me the customer's copy of the complaint form without providing any other information but just the date he had written on the form.

"Originally, there wasnt any attending bank employee name nor names indicated on complaint copy that was given to me by Enry. Sensing and knowing that my atm claim may end up having an adverse result I demanded Enry for his full name and the branch manager's name. There, he vehemently admitted that he's from Bank Of Commerce Sta.Rosa branch and was only borrwed by Bank Of Commerce San Pedro branch for assistance."

There's a clear evidence that the act manifested by the employee named herein is without a doubt executed with clear malice aforethought and therefore should not be tolerated at all. Bank Of Commerce San Pedro branch your Amateurish In-Branch Customer Service caused me so much trouble!!!!

If you're in this kind of situation what will you do?

Bank Of Commerce San Pedro Laguna Branch

Bank Of Commerce San Pedro Laguna Branch

This ain't the first time

12 years ago when I was still a scrapper, I went to this same bank to inquire on how I can go about opening a savings account. The bank personnel whom I approached simply handed me a piece of paper with the list of requirements and instructed me to come back once I have them completed. I felt I was treated like a garbage...someone who can't afford to have a bank account and meet the required minimum maintaining balance. The moment I stepped out of their door I said to myself "I will never ever bank with you."

Clickerwayne Enterprise

Yeah right!!! Garbage...I buy and haul them from peopole and establishments. That's what I do for a living back then. A "Basurero" that you can call. And I'm proud I had the chance to experience how it was like to be one.