“An act of love; words are not needed”


“How’s your daughter?” was the first question everyone asked when I reported back to work. I gratefully replied by saying “She’s now okay. Thanks to the powerful¬†prayer of all ‘Facebook Users and Friends’ who prayed for my daughter.” It may sound like a joke but it’s not. That’s what it is and that is the truth! From a simple courageous post expressing a feeling of sadness and despair brought about by a tough time, Facebook Users and Friends reacted, commented in a manner that’s encouraging and soul-lifting. and most important of all rendered an “act of love where words are not needed.” I owe you big time!

In my own little way I would like to give my special thanks and appreciation to the following:

Mr. and Mrs Jet Alcantara and their Ministry
Camille Colindres
Mary Lavarez
Wilfredo Bendo
Kenneth Brian Khunrad Cera
Lon Israel
Emelita Wicks
Michael Ramos
JasmRose Alcontil
Bambi Toledo
Irish Hernandez
Damayan Ng Pamilyang Pilipino
Marvin Lim
Linda Frances McCann Trinidad
Edwin Fabel
Drey Lallo
Jeane Dacones
Raj De Guzman
Chi Santos
Bhing Delos Reyes
Jen Cabero
Jing Ramos
Ems Cons
Joeffrey Makabenta
Hanee Marga
Alic Cruz
Macel Lita Alegre
Elisa Ramos Wicks
Eleonor Espiritu San Agustin
Joefrey Balao
Reiley Niezel Campilis
Sed Sai Acalam
Jerome Negranza
Chase Meigh Spears
Lea Ann
Migs Pascua
Mista Truong
Anneah Jarlow
Mariz Ramos
Jierrho Manansala
Ej mt
Mhelo Bautista
Franc Cadenas
Mary Grace De Leoz
Michael Byron Libut
Itchie-koh Jeffie Madrigal Patterson
Marisse Aja Corro
Toni Rose
JC Jacusalem
Marian Socorro Bernardo Apostol-Ycasiano
Rich Briones
Himura Kenshine
Noemi Ilagan
May Cristine Villafranca
Warren Yabut

…and to all others. You know who you are.

How I wish we can always be united as one in each and every situation and be divided by zero under no circumstances!

Sincerely yours,

Iam Clickerwayne | Iam The Team Lead